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Aliad Design Projects


Examples of brands designed, developed and maintained

Alias Design Project
Milliken Carpet​

Challenge: To develop a new identity/image that appeals to designers

Client: Milliken Carpet, manufacturer of carpet for commercial and hospitality industries

Project: Identity/Image system design; CD-ROM development; product promotion
Milliken's reputation was for outstanding quality and cutting-edge technology. However they were not perceived as a design leader by interior designers — an audience critical to choosing Milliken for major architectural projects. inspired by the fashion industry and concurrent with a series of new and more current carpet designs, Alias developed an image og sophistication and beauty applied to the company's entire range os marketing materials, consumer experience and provided the lead for more current carpet designs to be launched at a trade-show in 2000. These carpets became the #. 1 selling carpet of that year and one design continues to sell today.

Alias Design Project

Challenge: To reflect the essence and spirit of the ten artists featured in the exhibition

Client: African-American Historical and Cultural Museum, Philadelphia
Project: To create an identity/image system, catalog, and marketing tools for a traveling exhibition

Alias Design developed a powerful identity
mark, a combination of the universal symbol
for the female gender and the Kuba, an African
fertility symbol. Alias then photographed all the
works in the exhibition for inclusion in an
official catalog and a variety of other tools
including the exhibition brochure and posters.




Alias Design Project
State of Maryland

In recognition of the successful work for the

eMaryland Portal, Alias Design was asked to

develop a web-based portal for the county.

Applying lessons learned during the

development of eMaryland, Alias created an

interface that allows citizens to access almost

any information they need with just a few


The website has won many local and national

awards for e-government, and has become

popular with citizens seeking to avoid the

region’s chaotic traffic and complex telephone

voice response systems.

My primary responsibity was creating the color story - that were used in all materials to solidityfy the visual brand identity.

Alias Design Project

Valley Craftsmen

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Alias Design Project
Emerging Technology Center - ETC

Challenge: To create digital artwork to accent interior architecture while communicating branding messages about this technology facility to visitors.

The intention is to bring some of the energy and buzz out into the public spaces and give visitors a taste of some of the concepts being developed by the companies working within the ETC. this was done by creating one and two-word combinations for 28 large-scale panels and banners and 24 small-scale compositions.

Alias Design Project
Sylvan​ Learning

Challenge: Communicate Sylvan's educational role throughout a new headquarters facility in Baltimore.

Alias design created the "Discovery Wall," a computer generated wall covering that unified the public spaces.The mural is an amalgamation of ideas and symbology expressing Sylvan's philosophy that learning is a multi-dimensional, engaging life-long journey.

The wall is 144 feet long finished with Trompe L'oeil painting and copper leaf, and duplicates on three floors.

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